Snow in Western Australia

List Of All Known Snowfalls

This page contains a list and some details of all known snowfalls in Western Australia since European settlement. Information was obtained from mostly the Bureau of Meteorology, but has been supplemented with my own findings from other sources, particularly reports from old newspapers in the State Library of WA.

Snow has almost certainly fallen on many other occasions and in other places that are not recorded here. See Notes on Historical Data for limitations of the accuracy and completeness of this list.

In the table below, only town names explicitly mentioned in the sources are included. In some cases snow could have been seen in neighbouring areas, but if not specifically stated, I've not included them. "Stirlings" refers of course to the Stirling Ranges, and "Porongorups" to the Porongorup Range. I've created separate pages for years where I've obtained more detailed information (1956, 1992, 1998) - click on the relevant More Details links.

Year Date Affected Locations Comments
2015 Sep 1 Stirlings Several cm of snow on Bluff Knoll and Toolbrunup Peak
2015 Aug 9 Stirlings Light dusting on Bluff Knoll
2015 May 4 Stirlings Light and short-lived early-morning dusting on Bluff Knoll summit
2013 Aug 16 Stirlings Very light snow on Bluff Knoll
2012 Sep 4 Stirlings Several cm of snow on Bluff Knoll
2012 Jun 13 Stirlings Dusting of snow on Bluff Knoll
2011 Sep 27 Stirlings Snow showers reported on Bluff Knoll
2009 Sep 29 Stirlings Snow fell but did not settle during the morning on Bluff Knoll
2009 Jul 25 Stirlings Bluff Knoll experienced rime plus snow showers which did not settle
2008 Jul 19 Stirlings Light dusting of snow on Bluff Knoll
2007 Oct 27 Stirlings Snow on Bluff Knoll from 8am, continuing throughout day. Snowflakes reported in Katanning for about 30 seconds at 11am.
2005 Sep 27 Stirlings Light dusting of snow on Bluff Knoll
2005 Aug 30 Stirlings Patchy snow up to 1cm on Bluff Knoll
2005 Aug 18 Stirlings Snow 5cm deep remained on Bluff Knoll after overnight falls
2005 Jul 06 Lake Johnston Falling snow and sleet sighted by truck drivers at Lake Johnston, west of Norseman
2005 Jul 05 Stirlings Snow fell on the Stirling Ranges but did not settle on ground, though some remained in bushes
2004 Aug 28 Stirlings Snow up to 1cm deep covered Bluff Knoll above 900m level
Newspaper article (The Albany Advertiser, Aug 31st 2004)
2003 Aug 22 Stirlings, Ongerup, Gnowangerup, Jerramungup, Nyabing and near Lake King Snow fell in various parts of the Great Southern around 7am including Gnowangerup, Ongerup, Jerramungup, Nyabing and near Lake King. Up to 7cm of snow at a farm 35km SE of Nyabing. The Stirlings had 2.5cm of snow at 1pm. Most widespread fall since the 1992 snow events.
Details including charts (at Australian Weather News website)
2003 Jul 22 Stirlings There was 2cm of snow reported on Bluff Knoll
2002 Jul 12 Stirlings Hail was widespread across the southwest and snow fell on the Stirling Ranges for the first time in several years
1999 Sep 15 Stirlings A blanket of snow covered the upper reaches of the Stirling Range; some of the deeper portions of snow persisted for most of the day
1999 Sep 03 Stirlings A light covering of snow was observed on Bluff Knoll
1998 Jul 26 Stirlings 20cm of snow on Bluff Knoll lasting up to three days. More details >
1998 Jun 11 Stirlings Light fall of snow on Bluff Knoll
1993 Sep 18 Porongorups Porongorups Caravan Park from about 12.45pm
1992 Nov 19 Stirlings, Porongorups, Greenbushes, Wagin, Darkan, Narrogin, Manjimup, Kojonup, Rocky Gully, Boyup Brook, Mt Barker There were light falls recorded at Greenbushes, Wagin, Darkan, Narrogin, Manjimup, Kojonup, Rocky Gully, Boyup Brook and Mt Barker. There were heavier falls on the Stirling and Porongorup Ranges. This is the latest during a year that snow has ever been reported in WA. More details >
1992 Oct 06 Stirlings, Katanning, Broomehill, Kojonup, Cranbrook, Borden, Gnowangerup, Arthur River Snow fell in the early morning at many towns including Katanning, Kojonup, Cranbrook, Borden, Gnowangerup and Arthur River. At Broomehill there were reports of 40 per cent of crops damaged with 5 cm of snow. Katanning registered a maximum temperature of just 7°C. Snow was 20 cm deep at the top of Bluff Knoll, and remained 2-3 days. Nothing like it had fallen in the Stirlings since June 1981; elsewhere it was the heaviest snow since 1952. More details >
1992 Aug 28 Stirlings, Mt Barker, Katanning A crisp layer of snow at Bluff Knoll remained on the ground until the next day. Light falls were recorded at Mt Barker (two falls of ten minutes each) and Katanning. The temperature at Mt Barker at 3 pm was just 5°C. More details >
1992 Aug 16 Stirlings About 5 cm snow fell at Bluff Knoll. More details >
1991 Sep 15 Stirlings Light snow fell on the higher peaks
1991 Jun 27 Stirlings Snow was reported on the higher peaks. Albany reported a daytime maximum of 7.8°C
1990 Jul 23 Stirlings, Kojonup, other areas About 25 mm of snow fell on Bluff Knoll while light falls were reported further north towards Kojonup. Reports of snow from throughout the south of the state
Newspaper article (The West Australian, July 24th 1990)
1989 Jul 07 Stirlings A light fall of snow was reported
1988 Oct 19 Stirlings A light fall of snow was recorded on Bluff Knoll
1986 Aug 12 Stirlings, near Kambalda A moderate fall was reported at Bluff Knoll, down to 850m. South of Kambalda, snow was reported falling and melting on reaching the ground. The temperature at Kalgoorlie at midday was just 6.4°C
Newspaper article (The West Australian, Aug 13th 1986)
1986 Jul 15 Stirlings, Porongorups A moderate fall of snow was reported, down to 700m level on Bluff Knoll
Newspaper articles: July 16th and July 19th (The West Australian)
1981 Jun 22 Stirlings A heavy snow fall was reported
1981 Jun 08 Stirlings, Porongorups Light snow was reported
1979 Sep 26 Stirlings Snow was recorded
1979 Jul 20 Stirlings Moderate to heavy snowfall was reported on Bluff Knoll
1978 Jul 25 Stirlings, Tambellup Snow was reported
1978 Jul 21 Stirlings, Porongorups, Greenbushes Greenbushes recorded snow at 8 am. Other reports were from the Stirling and Porongorup Ranges
1976 Nov 12 Stirlings, Porongorups Snow was recorded between 6 and 9 am in the district
1976 Jul 27 Esperance Snow was reported
1975 Jul 31 Stirlings Snow was reported
1973 Aug 06 Cranbrook, Tambellup, Narrogin Heavy snow was reported at Cranbrook between 2 and 4 am, and also at Narrogin and Tambellup
1971 Sep 24 Gnowangerup, Ongerup, Newdegate, near Pemberton Heavy falls of snow were reported from Gnowangerup and Ongerup in the late morning. Other reports extended from near Pemberton to Newdegate
1970 Sep 02 Stirlings, Porongorups, Ongerup Snow was reported extending to Ongerup
1970 Apr 20 Kojaneerup Light snow was reported
1969 Jul 03 Kojaneerup Light snow was reported
1968 Oct 05 Stirlings, Porongorups, Perth Hills Apart from reports in the Stirlings and Porongorup areas, snow was reported in the Perth hills suburbs of Karragullen, Bickley, Carmel and Carilla
1968 Sep 23 Stirlings Snow was reported
1968 Aug 27 Tenterden, other Great Southern Many towns in the southern Great Southern district received about 1 cm of snow although Tenterden near Cranbrook reported one inch (2.5 cm)
1968 Aug 17 Stirlings Snow was reported
1968 May 01 Kojaneerup Snow was reported
1967 Aug 27 Kojaneerup Snow was reported
1967 Aug 09 Kojaneerup Snow was reported
1966 Sep 19 Porongorups Snow was reported
1966 Jul 26 Norseman A light fall of snow was reported, melting on reaching ground
1966 Jul 23 Stirlings A light fall of snow was reported
1966 Jun 27 Coolgardie A light fall of snow was reported
1965 Jun 29 Porongorups, Manjimup, Greenbushes, Bridgetown, near Dwellingup Apart from the Porongorup district, snow was reported in the southwest towns of Manjimup where the depth of snow was one inch (2.5 cm), Greenbushes, Bridgetown and even as far north as near Dwellingup
1956 Jun 26 Perth Hills, Goomalling, Bencubbin, Toodyay, New Norcia and throughout wheatbelt Snow was reported over a large area, ranking as one of the most widespread events since European settlement. There were widespread reports throughout the wheatbelt between 7 and 10 am including Goomalling, Bencubbin, Toodyay and New Norcia in addition to southern areas. There were reports of snow from the Perth hills suburbs of Roleystone, Mt Helena and Bedfordale. At Geraldton there were reports of snowflakes falling with rain. The maximum temperature was just 6.3°C at Wongan Hills, and 8.8°C at Perth, the lowest ever maximum temperature since records began in 1897.
More details >
1946 Aug 10 Stirlings Snow was reported
1946 Jun 26 Stirlings Snow was reported
1944 Sep 20 Borden, Amelup Light snow was reported from Amelup and Borden
1943 Jul 27 Borden, Amelup A heavy fall of snow was reported from Amelup and Borden
1943 Jul 13 Borden A light fall of snow was reported from Borden
1942 Oct 03 Dumbleyung, Tambellup, Kukerin Dumbleyung, Tambellup, and Kukerin reported snow during the day
1941 Oct 17 Porongorups, Mt Barker A light snowfall was reported
1941 Sep 26 Porongorups Snow was reported
1939 Oct 06 Porongorups
1939 Oct 04 Porongorups Heavy snowfalls were recorded on the 4th and 6th. In the latter case snow covered the ground to a depth of 2 to 3 inches (5 - 7.5 cm)
1937 Sep 17 Stirlings Snow covered the ground
1937 Jul 03 Stirlings Snow was reported
1936 Sep 13 Kendenup, Kojonup, Kukerin, Williams, Quindanning Snow was reported from a number of sites including Kendenup, Kojonup, Kukerin and Williams. At Quindanning, near Williams, the ground was reputedly covered for "several miles with an inch or two of snow"
1932 Aug 02 Greenbushes, Mt Barker, Pingelly, Brookton Light snow was reported from a number of areas including Pingelly, Greenbushes, Mt Barker, and as far north as Brookton
1928 May 31 Stirlings, Porongorups Generally light falls were reported in the district. There was enough snow at the Porongorups to build a snowman
1926 Sep 02 Porongorups Light snowfalls occurred at a few places around the Porongorups
1924 Oct 02 Arthur River Snow was recorded at 3.15pm
1923 Nov 18 Dumbleyung Enough snow fell from 6 to 8 am and enough remained on the ground to make snowballs
1923 Sep 19 Narrogin, Lake Grace, widespread throughout Great Southern Snowfalls were widespread throughout the region between 5 and 9 am. Snow fell as far north as Narrogin and covered the ground over a wide area. There was sufficient snow at Lake Grace for snowballing to be prevalent
1923 Jun 29 Stirlings, Broomehill, Nyabing, adjacent Great Southern area Heavy falls occurred between 5 and 9 am covered the Stirling Ranges and surrounding areas with a blanket snow. Snow remained on the Stirling Ranges for four days. There were many other reports from the adjacent Great Southern area. At Broomehill snow fell for half an hour at 9 am. Further north at Nyabing, a light fall melted very quickly
1923 Jun 08 Katanning, Wongan Hills, other areas Light falls were reported throughout many areas of the southwest. Snow fell in small quantities throughout the day at Katanning but most reports indicate brief falls of snow that quickly melted. There was even a report of light snow east of Wongan Hills, one of the most northern reports of snow ever recorded
1920 Aug 07 Kojonup, Nyabing, Dumbleyung, Tammin, east of York Falls were reported at Kojonup lasting over half an hour in total. Other light falls were reported around Nyabing, Dumbleyung and as far north as Tammin and east of York
1920 Jun 29 Mt Barker, Tambellup, Kendenup Snow fell in the Mt Barker-Tambellup districts during the morning. About one inch (2.5 cm) of snow covered the ground at Kendenup. The effects of these falls were noticeable in the year by the retardation of the growth of crops
1910 Aug 08 Albany, Collie Snow was recorded and hailstorms were experienced in Albany. A very light fall of snow was reported in Collie
1910 Jun 30 Mt Barker Snow and sleet fell for 2 hours in the afternoon and then later at 10pm
1909 May 29 Mt Barker Snow fell
1908 Sep 08 Tambellup The ground and trees were covered in snow
Broomehill, Kojonup A heavy fall of snow was recorded in August
Broomehill, Katanning A light fall of snow was reported in August
1903 Oct 10
Snow fell at a few places in the southwest
1901 Oct 23 Narrogin Snow and frost affected crops
east of Esperance Snow was reported inland from Israelite Bay early in early June
1900 Sep 17 Kojonup, west of Katanning, Narrogin, Nyabing, Bridgetown, Broomehill, Williams, Greenbushes, Wandering, Arthur River, Kurnalpi Snow was reported in many areas of the southwest. A heavy fall was reported from Kojonup and other localities west of Katanning between 5 and 7am. Other reports include: Narrogin snow fell for 8 or 9 mins and remained on the ground for 20 mins; Nyabing between 6.35am and 7.15am, lay on ground for 1/2 hour; Bridgetown (where it was 2 cm deep); Broomehill at day break, Williams, Greenbushes (snow fell throughout night and remained on the ground for 4 hours 7.5 cm deep), Wandering and Arthur River (heavy). There was even a report at Kurnalpi, northeast of Kalgoorlie
1900 Sep 10 Greenbushes, Narrogin, Darkan, Kojonup, Broomehill, Arthur River, Wandering Three inches (7.5 cm) of snow fell and remained on the ground for over four hours at Greenbushes. It appears to be one of the most extensive falls recorded in the state until that time
1899 Jul 12 Mt Barker, Kojonup, Broomehill, Balgarup, Jarrahdale, Mundaring, Gooseberry Hill Snow was reported
1898 Jul 28 Boorabbin Snow fell between 11am and midday and the weather was extremely cold
1898 Jun 12 Wagin Snow fell at Lime Lake and the weather was extremely cold
1897 Aug 11 Wagin Light snow fell and the weather was extremely cold
1897 Aug 10 Southern Cross Very light fall was recorded at 10am and melted as soon as it touched the ground. Heavier fall occurred later that day
Southern Cross A brief snow fall occurred in October
1893 Sep 10 Porongorups Heavy fall of snow (5 cm deep) was recorded at Wattle Hill
1887 Jul 29 Chittering Snowstorm occurred lasting 3/4 hour. The flakes were described as about the size of a shilling (2 cm across)
1881 Jun 21 Porongorups Snow covered the Porongorup Range to a depth of several feet in places
1880 Aug 13 Manjimup Large snowflakes fell for ten minutes

A snowfall was reported in the lower southwest
1846 Aug 11 Gordon River (near Cranbrook) The ground was covered by snow