Snow in Western Australia

Details of the 1998 Snowfalls

June 11, 1998

A light dusting of snow was reported on the summit of Bluff Knoll. The owners of the Stirling Range Retreat spotted snow in crevices and under rocky overhangs through binoculars, and climbers reported being hit by ice particles.

July 26, 1998

This was one of the heaviest falls of modern times, and also one of the longest lasting - snow was experienced on Bluff Knoll for three days.

Snowfalls commencing on the night of Saturday 25th had piled up to 20 cm of snow on Bluff Knoll by the following morning. Further snow, albeit a lesser amount, fell on the Sunday night. It became slushy and thawed within hours, but drifts on the back of bluff Knoll persisted into Tuesday.

Reports of the snow on TV on Sunday night led to crowds of people visiting the Stirling Range on Monday 27th. Rangers were busy, with over 200 cars and up to 1000 sightseers causing congestion in and around the Bluff Knoll car park. People came from as far as Kalgoorlie and Geraldton,and children were taken out of school so that they could see the unusual sight and enjoy the obligatory snowball fights. Further crowds were reported the next day, but by then little snow was left.

Snow was not reported from anywhere outside the Stirling Range. Maximum temperatures in Albany were 10.8 on Sunday 26 and 12.4 the following day.

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