Why fear God?

Over the years I have learned to deeply respect God, both for who He is and what He has done. I have a healthy reverence for His standards, and His right to judge each of us. I admire His attributes, such as power, patience, love, mercy, and the way He respects our free will. I have also learned He can be trusted, even when its not easy to do this. All of this more or less sums up, for me, what it means to fear God. A concise definition could be:

  • The acute awareness of the presence of God's power that produces in me a sense of awe and calls forth from me honor, respect and reverence.

A selection of articles about the fear of God - what it is, why you should fear God, and the benefits that flow from it - are available on the feargod.com website (my neighbours in cyberspace), on their Resources page.

The ultimate authority on the subject - the bible - has a lot to say about fearing God. I've compiled a listing of all relevant verses which can be viewed here.


What has the fear of God got to do with some of the other stuff on this website?
(such as cow photography, West Australian snow and navel fluff)

I believe that this world, and everything in it, was made by an imaginative God. You don't need to look far in nature to see how wildly creative this God is - amongst the intelligent order there is unbelievable diversity. Humans display this diversity by each being uniquely different from the rest, despite many common themes. The odd mixture on this website merely reflects my own diverse interests, and shows that a person can be a God-fearing Christian and still have a sense of humour, with interests outside of the religious arena.