Photo Gallery:

Cows of Australia

Cow photography is becoming more popular these days, evidence of this being the number of cow calendars now available. Why? Perhaps its the peacefulness and contentment of these gentle creatures, combined with relaxing rural scenery - qualities that appeal more and more as urban lifestyles become more cluttered.

The photos below show a variety of bovine beauties (some bulls as well as cows) at home in rural Australia, mostly in the south west corner of Western Australia.


This is from my first ever cow photo shoot, near Dunsborough. I thought the black and white contrasted well with the green grass and yellow flowers.


Also one of my first cow photos, this one became "Cow of the Month" for April 2000 on (no longer online)



Mother and daughter pose for the camera on a property near Balingup


This beast soaks up the early sun while breakfasting on a chilly morning near Balingup



The rising sun silhouetted by Jessie at Balingup


Another Balingup beauty showing off his magnificent colouring



Meet Phoebe, one of my favourites while staying on her Balingup property


A large example of what can be found along Lower Denmark Rd, west of Albany



A side-on view of the previous cow - I think she may have been expecting


Pondering the dry summer which left this grass, near Albany, less green than usual



A crowd gathers for morning prayer as the sun rises near Pemberton


A happy Pemberton couple poses near their dam, off the west end of Channybearup Rd



The rest of this group near Pemberton try not to look embarassed as one of them discharges her bladder


A longing look at my warm jacket, as snow dusts the ground between Cooma and Adaminaby, NSW



This beauty caught my eye as I drove past her near Mole Creek, Tasmania


Cows can be surprisingly agile: this one scratches her head with a rear hoof