The Incredible World of Navel Fluff

Part 2: Classic comments from the survey

Many interesting and amusing comments have been received as part of my internet survey of navel fluff. Here are some of my favourites:

People's reactions to navel fluff, my collection, and web page

I can't believe I am filling out this survey

Your collection interests me in that I have often thought about collecting scabs. You have inspired me to follow my dream. Thanks!

This is a very unusual topic. I am a bit embarrassed having stayed here so long.

I can't believe someone else has the same interest as I do. I'd like you to send me more info & pic's about navel fluff. Thanks Amy

I have now realised that I am not alone........

A good conversation piece for bedroom rendesvous with my wife

Just when I think every possible topic of discussion is covered online.. I am surprised to find that pages like yours shatter my thinking.

I think it repulsive to collect your navel fluff....

I find it so rarely, it really is a joy when it happens. Like Christmas, really.

I've started collecting it several times to annoy my wife, yet haven't had the dedication to create a fine collection of my navel lint. Perhaps you can inspire me to annoy my wife further. Thank you for your vision.

Seriously, that belly button lint is really disgusting. I can't believe you collected..gee wanna come see my ball of ear wax?!

What an extraordinarily odd page.

I just want to let you know that I don't consider your collection at all unusual. I have here, in the top drawer of my desk, in a little jelly jar, my toe crud collection. I've been collecting toe crud for about ten years, and even so, it has only filled a tiny jar barely bigger than two inches around. (I'm not talking about fungus or anything--like your bellybutton lint, it's just the little pieces of cotton that collect between one's toes.) Anyway, just so you know you're not alone in the world...

You're a loony. (Will you marry me?)

Thanks for sharing this deliciously obsessive habit! It makes me think my fingenail clipping collection is quite ordinary.

I wish I'd started collecting it as you have. I generally have quite a large daily harvest. Certainly enough to stuff a cushion after 5 years. I'm impressed to know I'm not the only one interested in this fascinating phenomena. Navel Fluff Rules OK!

Why did i compete this survey.......why did i come to this site.......someone please help me

I agree with the other girls that this is rather disgusting. Why is this such a fascinating subject?

Uses for navel fluff, and various other suggestions

Have you ever thought of marketing a naval fluff vacuum? This would be a handy tool, as I often find myself having to dig to extract fluff from my naval. The digging causes soreness and discomfort, but I specially designed vacuum would do the job with much more ease.

Make portraits of famous people with it and sell it at exhorbitant prices

Collect and use for ear buds/plugs. Just offened people with it

Perhaps navel fluff could be smoked with marijauna for a better high? oh yeah maybe you could make wigs out of it? or even use it to feed the homeless?

Why don't you try and start a collection of celebrity belly-button fluff? Have you thought about branching out into toe-jam?

You might consider wearing diffferently-color clothes to generated colored naval fluff, and then make artwork with the fluff.

Sell it on ebay

I`d like to see if Benetton would start a collection of "recycled navel fluff sweaters" non-dyed of course

Enough fluff combined with a small amount of hairwax could be used to form an earplug. I haven't tried this, but I think you could. Or the unadulterated fluff could be used without further preparation as bedding for small rodents.

Maybe we could all (worldwide) collect our navel-fluff and make a giant pillow? Would that impress the aliens, or what!?!

I think that navel fluff, due to the fact that it's clothing fiber, should be recycled, and remade into wool, or other fabrics. With our natural resources quickly depleting, there's no telling when we're going to need alternative ways of creating clothing.

It makes excellent loft insulation, although by the time I have collected enough to fully insulate the house I shall be too old to climb up the ladder

You could roll it into a log string and use it as a wick in the ear wax candles that I produce.

Navel fluff makes an excellent firestarter when using flint & tinder - simply mix in some potassium permanganate. When the spark hits the fluff, blow gently, and there you have your initial burning ember !

Collectors item-raises a lot of money for charity

I am at a loss as to why fluff appears in my navel on a regular basis. However as an avid fly fisherman I have found that my own personal brand of fluff is useful as a component of various fishing flies which I have created. These have been found tempting by trout and salmon all over the U.K.

Make a teddy and stuff it with your belly fluff. That CAN'T be bought in shops and is ideal for a loved one.

Fluffy experiences, observations, anecdotes

I had a collection back in the late 60's early 70's but was required to dispose of it when i got married. now that i'm divorced, i wish i had kept it up. oh well. you win.

How to use navel fluff? Me and my boyfriend, who lives far away from me have an, I think, unusual way to use it. I have a lot of it in a medallion around my neck. And a picture of him. I don't tell everyone about and I never open it to show scared that it could "blow away". I don't know why I'm scared of that, there's always plenty of more. =) Once there was a friend who almost guessed what I had it in, -"Is it fluff from between his toes"? she asked. I supposed that would have been even more unusal...

i m a nurse and i m stuck cleaning navels of the older pt's. it is usually large amts, brown/gray, dark in color and has a distinctive odor that i would prefer not to have ever smelled. i think it is gross.

Was once told by friend who was u.s. marine that in a special operations training school a survival instructor used navel and toe lint to start a fire - initial tinder for flint & steel. alway thought that if true that guy had one hell of a big gut.

I served as a missionary for the LDS Church. Missions last two years, and another missionary I knew was saving his navel lint from the beginning of his mission to the end.

I am told that dryer lint is an especially good kindling material. So those who are not saving theirs as a valuable collectible might want to bring it with them when they go camping.

One thing that I have noticed when travelling for long periods of time without washing my clothes is that less fluff tends to form; similarly, more forms after my clothes have been tumble-dryed.

I experience seasonal fluff, strongly correlated with wearing long underwear in the winter. its most important function seems to be in amusing my wife

It makes a great firestarter (at least dryer lint does), earplugs, I get fluff in the upper crack of my ass too, it usually correlates strongly with the color of underwear I've had on.

I first thought about collecting my belly button lint almost 7 years ago, but never got around to it. I thought I might one day have enough to weave a jacket, but I guess that wouldn't have happened, based on your important research. Nevertheless, I still believe that if we all harvested the stuff, we could clothe the poor *very* easily.

I really enjoy the fluff that has hairs inbedded in it. The extra visual is very pleasing.

Dude! I used to collect mine as well! I didn't have anywhere near the amount you did but when my friends found out about it, I was ridiculed immensely! I actually threw it out because I couldn't take the heat. My current girlfriend says that if I start again, she'll break up with me. It kind of makes me want to do it secretly! HA! Keep going my friend.

I have found that since I've started hanging my undershirts to dry again (instead of using a dryer) my amount of fluff has significantly reduced. Also, the amount seems to increase with the amount of activity in which I participate during the day; much movement, much fluff.

It just frustrates me that my wife keeps trying to dig it out! My poor belly button is VERY sensitive, and I'd just as soon the stuff falls out when it's ripe.

I collected my lint from February 1990 through May 1998. My collection was tragically lost in a fire at that time. Luckily I was able to get video documentation of it before that happenned. It's nice to find someone who shares the same quirk that I have!

Had a lot more in australia than I get now in sweden . Climatic effects?

With all this fluff accumulating in our navels and dryers, how is it that we have anything left at all of our clothes?

Me and my buddy collected fluff from Feb 2 1995 to Aug 6 1995. We gave it as a wedding gift to one of our closest friends. He thought it was disgusting. Wonder why?

Theories of the origin of navel fluff

I believe that naval lint is the by-product of all the missing socks in the world...must involve some sort of multi-demensional behavior. All my tee shirts are white..wherefrom the blue grey lint?

My own personal theory is that what you ignorantly refer to a "navel fluff" is in fact the moulted beard-hair of tiny dwarves that frolic in humans' belly-buttons. By making the above ridiculous claims regarding "navel fluff's" origin, you are denying these tiny beings' very existence. Shame on you.

I think lint gets trapped in one's belly button just like it gets trapped in the "lint trap" of one's household dryer. It is a well known fact that lint is quite flammable. So if one was stuck on a deserted island and had no kindling in which to start a fire with, you could certainly use navel fluff, especially if you produce a lot of it on a daily basis.

This is creepy....yet strangely fascinating. I have a thoery that Belly-Lint is a natural by-product of an alien society of nanite creatures. These creatures are incredebly small, and the Belly lint is a by-product of there society. Being as small as they are, I have never seen one. I theorise it would take a powerful electron microscope to view these nanites, and since I do not have access to such a machine, my theories remain unproven.

It is my belief that extensive studies of the quantum properties of navel fluff may yeild to the secret of hyperspacial travel, or the uncovering of another realm containing that which man was not meant to know. It's a risk, but perhaps yielding untold treasures.

I subscribe to the theory that the 'lint monster' places fluff in our belly buttons whilst we sleep.

I suspect there may be a dirrect correlation between navel fluff accretion (NFA) and missing sock phenomena (MSP). I have hypothesised that navel fluff is in fact a steady discharge of missing socks from some hereto undiscovered dimension. This could possibly explain women's lack of NFA.

It is my theory that belly button lint is just about the only evidence that aliens abduct us and force us to hold fashion shows for them in really ugly, shedding clothing. :)

Navel fluff is formed from the skeletons of all the socks which disappear from the dryer. It appears by the same process it had disappeared from its former location, a form of sub-space teleportation (a force that, if harnassed by men of science could help advance the human race).

A friend of mine believes that belly-buttons have an as yet undiscovered gland that secretes navel fluff. This is by far the most plausible theory I have come across so far. I have never collected my navel fluff, but do have a pint glass full of my own hair.

Navel fluff actually is transmigrated from lost socks through a wormhole in the exo-stelar universe.

I think it is filements drawn from the vastness of space that are attached to the micobe intelligences that travel the universe in serch of intelligent life. the way they find there way into our bodies is through the navel. Hence, as they squeeze there way through, they leave the residue behind in the form of "lint". One day they will find intelligent life....but not here.


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