Bakery Bags

Paper bag from Dunsborough Bakery, Dunsborough, Western Australia
Paper bag from Dunsborough Bakery
Dunsborough, Western Australia

My small collection of printed paper bags from bakeries arose more from a habit of keeping souvenirs than any intention to form a collection. It's simply a by-product of something much more significant - eating at good bakeries.

It began with a paper bag from the Dunsborough Bakery, one of the best bakeries in south Western Australia. I kept the bag as a momento of a fine eating place, and because I liked the design printed on it. One thing led to another, and before long I had a small pile of paper bags from bakeries I visited on my travels.

Like other things, I don't collect them indiscriminately. I only collect paper bags from bakeries if all three of these conditions are met:

  • I have personally visited the bakery,
  • I consider it to be worth visiting again due to the good food or overall eating experience,
  • Something is printed on the bag to identify the bakery (a collection of plain white bags wouldn't be very interesting).

Being selective has kept the collection small and meaningful; like a sort of personal good bakery guide. Unfortunately, many very good bakeries (notably Augusta, WA) are not represented in my collection because they use plain non-printed paper bags, which I see no point in collecting.

Here is a selection of bakery bags I have scanned so far.

Paper bag from Bayview Bakery, Claremont, Western Australia
Bayview Bakery
Claremont, Western Australia

Paper bag from Bertalli Bakery, Mansfield, Victoria
Bertalli Bakery
Mansfield, Victoria

Paper bag from Brighton Bakery, Scarborough, Western Australia
Brighton Bakery
Scarborough, Western Australia

Paper bag from Huonville Bakery, Huonville, Tasmania
Huonville Bakery
Huonville, Tasmania

Paper bag from JJ's Bakery, Longford, Tasmania
JJ's Bakery
Longford, Tasmania

Paper bag from Miami Bakehouse, Mandurah, Western Australia
Miami Bakehouse
Mandurah, Western Australia

Paper bag from Richmond Bakery, Richmond, Tasmania
Richmond Bakery
Richmond, Tasmania

Paper bag from Warburton Valley Bakery, Warburton, Victoria
Warburton Valley Bakery
Warburton, Victoria